babe faves

By no means am I a pro mom… only been doing this gig for 8 weeks and it’s a lot! Shout out to my mom for being the best and teaching me how to be a great mom. I’m truly in awe of all mothers (but especially mine) after becoming a mom.

I have seen a lot of posts about needing inspiration on baby must haves which inspired me to come up with my own realistic list! A lot of other blogs have outdated must haves or I found the products/ needs were unrealistic. Let’s just get to it & not sugar coat it! So here are my top 10 baby items and top 5 postpartum items + the links that I cannot live without.

Baby Must Haves:

  1. Baby Shusher
    This thing is amazing! It is a portable sound machine plus it saves your voice, back and lips from drying out shushing so close to baby’s ear. This provides a shushing noise and makes it sound like the womb for babies to calm down.
  2. Hatch Sound Machine
    This has so many sounds and also a nightlight. When it’s too quiet baby can’t deep sleep so the white noise is perfect for baby plus you’ll sleep better! Which trust me, this a must when you have to get up every 2-3 hours not only to get better sleep but it also doubles as a light so you won’t have to turn every possible light on.
  3. Bottle warmer – self explanatory; most babies like room temperature or warm milk (my baby does)
  4. Dr browns bottles – helps with colic and from sucking too much air. I was recommended these from another mom, and honestly so didn’t like all the pieces and then discovered the hospital I was at used these. My little dude was hooked in the hospital and liked these the best! We also like these because they prevent gas and colic and in the middle of the night I’m thankful for a less fussy baby.
  5. A lounger, swing or bouncer to give your arms a much needed break
  6. Blooming Bath – this bath helps so much when your fresh newborn is tiny and bath time seems scary. This made it easier and a more comfortable bath time for baby (and me)
  7. Halo & Happiest Baby Sleepea Swaddle- the Halo was our go to with a newborn and the Happiest Baby is what we use currently for a quicker and cozier swaddle at night
  8. Soft receiving blanket– my favorite is this one from Scallywag Baby & Co because it’s so soft (it’s stretchy cotton not like the Muslim blankets), lightweight and can be used as a swaddle blanket!
  9. Diaper changing stations- save yourself and have a basket in all your places with diapers, burp cloth, wipes, etc. all in one place! I have a basket downstairs so I don’t have to go up every single time I change the baby.
  10. Bourdeaux’s Butt Paste– I swear this stuff helps a diaper rash over night!

Postpartum Must Haves:

  1. Coffee and Water!!
    Use my code (kaicoffee10) for 10% off your order here!
  2. Anything Frida Mom! My favorite item was the pernea foam, but this whole kit rocked.
  3. Nipple cream
  4. Milk collector breast shells
  5. Sunflower Letchin to prevent clogs

Above contains affiliate links, which means if you use my code and make a purchase, I’ll be compensated at no additional cost to you. However, I only recommend products I love!

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There’s so many great products out there to help support you and your baby; do your research but most importantly trust your gut! You know what to do mama! It’s incredible what our bodies go through but also what we have built literally inside us to be great moms and protect our little ones. There is no one like you for your baby!



a letter to my boy


You were hand crafted for us and have truly lived up to your name. You are our beautiful light and big wave! We are so thankful for you. From the moment we knew we wanted a family we knew God had something special for us. When we saw “pregnant” and received that positive test we knew God blessed us greatly in becoming your parents. You were handmade for us… weaved together by God and our angels to create a perfect little bundle of joy. Our angel baby. From every moment and movement, we know you are ours and we are yours.

God gave us you when we needed you most and didn’t know it.

We love getting to know everything that makes you, you. You are strong willed already still growing every day. We love to see that strong personality come to life. As your mom, I will always protect you in every way and promise you the world.

I promise to teach you everything I know and even the things I do not yet know. Everyday I’m learning, and so are you! I cannot wait to learn alongside you.

I promise to love you everyday and make sure you see that love ooze from us.

I promise to show you God’s love.

I promise to let you be you and encourage you to be your own person.

I promise to be the best I can be and teach you to always do your best.

And if you ever wonder how much we love you… count all the waves in the sea.

We are so obsessed with you sweet boy! I am oozing with excitement to finally have you in my arms and get to know every facet that makes you, you. I pray you show us how to be better people and to love harder than we’ve ever loved before. We cannot wait to continue to show you the world! Continue to make waves, little dude.